What is a Bridal Session, and why should I schedule one?

What is a bridal session? And why should I schedule one?

A Bridal Session is a time for the Bride to get dolled up in her wedding dress and have solo portraits taken. And when you schedule one of these sessions, you have the opportunity to wear that beautiful gown more than once! If you’re a little girl at heart like I am, then you know you’ll make any excuse to play dress-up. You have so much freedom to style the shoot how you want and you can even incorporate something into the shoot that may be very personal or intimate. A lot of brides use this as an opportunity to schedule their hair/makeup trial to make sure they’ve found the right look. I will use full discretion, of course, so your husband-to-be doesn’t accidentally see the pictures of you in your dress before the big day! And this isn’t just for the brides-to-be. This is for the Mrs. who may have gotten married recently and wants to bask in bridal glory a little longer. Or for the brides who didn’t get the images they wanted during their wedding day. Why should I schedule a bridal portrait session?

Kelsey Bridal_HiRes-753278.jpg

Deciding whether or not you want to have your “bridals” done (that’s industry speak) is purely a matter of personal choice! But I do think it’s important to learn about the reasons why a bridal session can be very beneficial. Then, you can decide for yourself whether it makes sense for you! So, what are some great reasons as to why you should schedule a bridal portrait session?

  • Decide whether you want to change anything about your final look – One of the best parts about a bridal session is that you have the opportunity to see all of the elements put together. It’s not only exciting to see how gorgeous your hair and makeup look with your dress, but it also gives you the opportunity to tweak anything that doesn’t look the way you imagined. It’s basically a full test run for your day-of look.

  • Bridal portraits give you a bit more posing practice – Much like your engagement session, your bridal session will give you more one-on-one time with your photographer. You also get the chance to practice moving AND posing in your wedding dress. When the big day arrives, you’ll be a pro!

Capture beautiful, stress-free bridal portraits – Scheduling a bridal session is the perfect time to capture photos of you all glammed up.  You’ll still have photos taken of just you on your wedding day, but this is a chance to get extra special photos without being worried about your timeline. Plus, I personally think it’s a lot of fun!

By now you should have a better understanding of just what is a bridal session as well as some reasons why you might choose to have them done.  Or, maybe you’re a little less confused about this old Southern tradition – if that’s the case, great!  Either way, bridal portraits are just another way to capture memories of an absolutely beautiful season of life, so have fun and enjoy yourself!

The Making Of Septembers Charm Magazine Cover!!!



These are great questions! Let’s go behind the scenes of Septembers Charm fashion spread, with unseen images that didn’t make the editorial cut!

Best Lufkin Photographer_Charm.jpg

Recently I had the pleasure of answering some questions for some budding middle school writers who were interested in all things photography. One of the things they wanted to know was how much time does a shoot take. With Fashion there really is no simple answer to this.


What you don’t see happening behind the scenes to pull off a fashion spread for Charm literally takes weeks to plan, source clothing, models, schedule hair + makeup, find the perfect location. Once the day day arrives the model spends 2-3 Hours with multiple stylists before ever being in front of the camera. The actual shoot itself has many variables to consider with the location(s), lighting, weather, how many outfits we need to feature, how many scenes we need to set up for the desired theme.


Each session has different and unique challenges and vary with time on location. A typical no fuss one location shoot can easily take 3-4 Hours with shooting about 400 images. And when the model wraps for the day that is when the real magic begins to take place. How in the world do we narrow our focus from 400 images to the 10-12 images used in the spread and most importantly how do we pick our Cover?

Fashion Blogger Photography.jpg

Believe it or not we actually shoot every image with the Cover in mind. It can be very stressful for all involved, especially the Editor of the magazine who has the final say in everything we create. The Editor is truly the real visionary and behind her she has an incredible designer who helps narrow the image selection before I’m given the green light to start editing the images. If ONLY we were done there… The images then get passed along to the Designer who fine tunes the little details in photoshop, and lays out the final images alongside the Editor before going to print. My portion as the photographer is actually very small in the grand scheme of things. In fact I don’t know what images make the cut, or Cover until the magazine is released to the public. That day is like Christmas for all the artists involved in helping making that spread a reality. It’s a fun process! So there you have it! I hope you enjoy the unseen images as much as I do!


Lufkin High School Cheer Team Pictures 2018-2019

We back the Pack!  Sneak Peak LHS CHEER TEAM 2018-2019!   Thinking of these little beauties, their managers and their coaches as they settle into the new school year.  I had so much fun working with their bubbly personalities!  Galleries will be updated this week and links will be emailed to parents.  GO LP!!!  

A Peachy FIRST Birthday Party for Baby Remi!

Happy Birthday to this little Peach miss Remi D.  She is a true miracle baby and full of Gods goodness and favor.  So to throw a giant first birthday bash is right in line with how thankful we are for her life and the miraculous healings that the Lord did within her during her time in the NICU.  His mercy continues to amaze us today as she exceeds her developmental milestones daily.  Looking at her you might not even realize just how sick she was.  Remi was nearly two months old before I was able to make the trip down to Texas Children's last October to take her pictures for the first time.  You can see below for yourself by all the tubes and monitoring equipment that this was a very serious situation.  

BUT GOD.  After spending nearly 5 months in the NICU Remi was released home to her family.  So here we are fast forward to a much anticipated celebration.  The Celebration of her life, her victory and her FIRST Birthday!  And when life long friends Krista Brown, Latifah Fleniken and Courtney Thornton are tasked with planning this special event you get a party that puts even Pinterest to shame.  We laughed, we cried, listened to great live music, ate delicious food and treats, and we enjoyed the company from near and far,  including some of her closest and biggest fans from day one.   Remi's NICU team and Doctor made a special  trip to celebrate this joyous day with her.  She's a true gift from the heavens!  She a perfect little peach, and she is fearfully and wonderfully made!   

Remi D. Our Miracle Baby ONE YEAR Cake Smash!

This is one HUGE honor to be documenting baby Remi's One Year birthday photos with cake smash!  She's a TRUE MIRACLE and a testimony to God's goodness and miraculous healing.  Happy Birthday Remi D!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made!  

Introducing Kyle & Sydney Thornell

“To Be One With Each Other”

What greater thing is there for two human souls
than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen
each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow,
to share with each other in all gladness,
to be one with each other in the
silent unspoken memories?

- by George Eliot

Wedding Guests:  To see the full gallery, download, order prints: https://ambermichelephotography.pixieset.com/thornellweddingjune30th2018/

Batter Up! Baby BROWN Gender Reveal!

For those who can wait it out the whole NINE months I think that's the most awesome thing in the whole world.  BUT for those that can't... Let's throw one heck of a fun gender reveal party!  So when one of my besties got her gender results in much quicker than any of us anticipated (Hello modern technology), She quickly threw together the cutest gender reveal party for BIG BROTHER Parker Malone Brown!  As the star of the show along with his personalized baseball bat he did not disappoint!  Of course we needed a couple practice swings, but what professional doesn't require a little warm up on deck?  


The teams were divided. Will baby Brown be a boy or a girl??  Only one person knows at this point, the person responsible for placing the correct ball on the tee.  Confession... TWO people know at this point because as a photographer capturing such an important moment I needed to know for myself.  There's a lot of pressure involved in getting the perfect shot y'all and I needed to be ready.  

Okay Park Brown!  Batter UP!!!  

There you have it!  Parker gets a little brother and Krista is a BOY MOM for the WIN!  And here is the little secret keeper herself...  What a fun honor!